Wednesday, February 10, 2016


Those three magical words: I'm a runner! What a great feeling I get when I say those words! I am a runner!

I spent most of my life being rather scared of my physicality. I don't like to fall down or get hurt, so I don't like to skate or go downhill skiing. I love cross country because I'm good at it and I don't fall. I grew up in Alberta so the mountains became my friends, and I spent many days as a lonely teenager hiking through the Rockies. But I never really became friends with my physical form until I started running.

So, without further ado: what is it about running that is so amazing? Well, it's pretty cheap (free if you don't wear shoes). I don't spend money on gear but I love my shoes. I wear Five-Fingered Vibrams when I can - not in the winter when I wear barefoot Merrells.

I run with my phone strapped to my arm, so I can listen to my music.
I track my speed, pace and distance, because I'm a nerd. I get into a zone, where I think, meditate and relax. One of my fave running songs:

What do I actually DO when I'm running? I inhabit my body fully. Sure my legs get tired. I sweat. I breathe fast (growing up at 3500 feet was good, also playing the clarinet for years). I prance, I dance, I am so grateful to have been given a body that ACTUALLY WORKS! I watch the world pass me by. I think about having a drink of water. Life is good.

I decided I would run a half marathon. I trained for about six months, then I did it! 21 kilometers! That's another amazing thing about running, for me. It's taught me how to focus on a goal and achieve it. Well, I did finally get my CPM certification at the grand old age of 57. And I just opened a cafe. Hmmm. Maybe I already was quite determined. But running showed me physically, in this body made of muscle, fat, and stuff.

Running isn't for everyone. But it might be an idea to try it sometime. You might like it!! If you need a running buddy, I might just be going out the door when you call!

Almost at the finish line
I did it!!!!!